Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frizzy-licious Cocktails and little foods

I thought I would share my favorites w/ you... light and frizzy, YUM!

I've been stocking up on these from World Market for years. I use it as a nice "cool down" summer drink and I also have plenty on hand to mix a cocktail when my friends are over for a few hands of cards and movie night.

Lorina Pink Lemonade and Lorina French Berry, YUM! I know, I've already said that =) for an alcoholic beverage you can mix it w/ gin or Smirnoff Framboise twist vodka.

The girly champagne that will please all taste buds, I promise. (Thanks Jenny for the introduction)

Lastly, you should always keep a bottle of this and green tea (your favorite flavor) around for those surprise visits.

I try to serve w/ french baguettes and some German patte I get at the local Bosnian supermarket. Cheese and veggie Morning Star Links.

You can find an assortment at the Health food store.

I've been eating these for YEARS. I've seen them go from $2 a bag to $5. But I still buy them because they are always a hit. Although I have to say I won't share them for every gathering. At $5 a bag I select my audience very well... LOL

You can find them at the health food or Meijer;

This is a snowy, light and satisfying cheese. I get it at Meijer but Marthas Vineard has a better selection.

I'm still trying to identify which is my favorite.. What's yours?

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