Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Weeks Finds

Here is what the GW had for me this Thursday.

These great stools are solid and all they need is a light sanding and new varnish or they can stay just as they are. I'm liking the wood on these and the knots look great.

These are rustic and would fit great in a PB, WS or country kitchen.

This teeny side table w/ the bottom weaved shelf is so cute and fun.

This ottoman will be this weeks project and it's the only thing I'll be keeping for myself, but the rest I will sell.

Look at the bottom. Isn't it perfect for tufting? I'm thinking an extreme tufted ottoman or as I call it 'ottermen' LOL would be perfect on this. Not bad for $1, eh?

I see this!! I'm gathering materials and left overs to accomplish this, I have lot's of ideas going thru my head... Again re-do's on a shoe string budget. Any suggestions? =)

I love the exageration and the color on this one. It's size is majestical and some-what masculine.

The black one is beautiful but I have enough black in furniture pieces and the black couch in the basement.

I will show it off in a couple of weeks =)


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Anonymous said...

Those stools are great and I can't believe the ottoman was only $1.00! Awesome... It will be fun to see what you do with it.

Kelly aka HonestniceWoman said...

I'm loving those bar stools!!! What a lucky gal to find these at GW!! I have to drive an hour to a GW, but I guess I definitely need to start doing it once a month. I want to start an upholstery business along with my upcoming sewing business (mostly handbags and accessories).

I've been Curb Stalking in the mean time and found an awesome retro swivel rocker (needs repaired spring) that I will do either for my upcoming sewing room or to keep in my guys garage. If it's the latter, it will be done in Black and Orange - he's a huge Harley fanatic! LOL.

Great post! Very Inspiring!

Bargain Princess said...

@PK Yes, I couldn't believe no one saw the beauty in the ottoman... But I believe the right girl found it =) I hope you keep visiting and see how it turns out...

Kelly- Those stools are so perfect, but I really just HAD to have them and now I realize that I'm on limited space, so I've put them CL but if they do not sell in the next 2 wks. I will make them mine =) May some french script decoupaged stools? Hmmm

Green Door Girl said...

I am coveting your barstools, why doesn't my goodwill ever have that??? I might have to make a trip today! I NEED those stools :)

Bargain Princess said...

I hear ya!! I love finding stuff like this and only spending $4.00 YAY!

C'mon out to Michigan I'll take you shopping at all the secret places around here =)

What did you think of my painted vinage dresser? Black too predictable? =)