Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Entertaining the Potter Barn way

Oh what beautiful things people do to their houses. I'm not very picky but a must, is an uncluttered, clean and welcoming house. My two boys are getting better since they've experienced others homes that are unwelcoming and messy, but it's still a chore at times... "pick up your toys" and "rinse off your dishes". It's constant agh! Sure makes it hard for entertaining purposes, but I will never forget my grandmother saying "your house is a reflects on your state of mind". Smart woman, because when I walk in and I see toys everywhere, I go CRAZY! LOL

Make your house a home:

Rule #1: an inviting space for friends and family to gather. Sorry folks but you must have clean, comfortable furniture. Preferably one that your pets haven't made their own.

Rule #2: get your JANK out the way.

Rule #3: kids and pets; respect adult time! No running around like you missed your Ritalin dose of the day and shut that dog up!! (if you know how to shut the dog up, let me know. Mine is a disaster.)

Rule #4: always and I mean ALWAYS; offer your guest something to drink, coffee, water, tea. Whatever you happen to have on hand. Water is cool. It makes your guest feel welcomed and will look forward to visiting your home again. And when you serve the drink please, make certain it's not in an over scrubbed plastic cup that you wash together w/ your pots and pans. GROSS!!!
I can not express enough how many houses I've been to, where there is no where to sit, dog is licking me, kids are running around, participating in our conversations and to boot, I have to bring my own beverage or snack or I know I'll get a janky cup that the dog possibly drinks out of. And guess what? I haven't been back in weeks, months or years. LOL

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins; Jenny's expertise. We go completely insane over these little things. They are heaven in your mouth. =)

Rule #5: always wait at the door as the car pulls out of driveway. Otherwise you are sending the message of "I couldn't wait for you to leave".

Rule #6: everyone in the family should have a chore. Including the dog! My dogs chore is to stop barking or jumping on me for attention. =) My 11yr. mows the lawn, takes out the trash and at times does dishes. My 5 yr. dries the dishes, helps in the garden and helps sort out the laundry and put the towels away. Of course, the fine print is that I have the right to make changes to their chores at last minute,  which I usually do.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart (ICK), Crate&Barrell, Ikea and Hobby Lobby among others offer great, I mean great affordable prices for you to make your house a castle.

Once I'm done w/ all these painting and kitchen projects I will be able to proudly show off my home. As for the rest, I am proud to say that I've had friends come over and take naps on my couch. My boys are never in the way, they keep it calm. Theirs always snacks and beverage on hand for that unexpected visitor and often I include them in cupcake or brownie making for late sweet snack. I also try to have chips and cheese, pate and a baguette handy. Never know what your guest might be in the mood for. My mother is a master hostess and I've learned from her =)

This is her way of setting the table.

Here are some PB ideas:

Pizza Party

Cocktail Party

Dinner Party

Mediterranean Tapas Party

Gotta lourve PB, they don't just dress your home =)

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