Monday, January 10, 2011

Family and stuff is taking over my bloggy time

Oh boy! am I glad the holidays are over!! I thought it would end... lol

I have resolved to start the year off w/ a different financial plan and that has taken over a lot of my time. Not to mention family and friends over the holidays... now we are back to "normal" or as normal as we can be.

The plan this year is to increase savings and plan a couple of trips for this summer w/ the boys. I've been consumed w/ making this happen so, I've spent a lot of time on CL selling a lot of the extra goodies I've collected over the years thru GW and CL.

Unexpectedly I've even agreed to painting some of the pieces for the buyers... so normally what I did as a hobby or a means to save a piece and money has somehow turned into extra income. Has this happen to any of you?

This is the coffee table that started it all

I'm painting it white and she requested lightly distressed... Sshhhh I'm not an expert distressed. But I told her that I will attempt to do my best. She also wanted the glass knobs that I have so, I charged her an extra $10 for them. In the end I guess this will help w/ this summers family trip.

Well, I best get back to painting.

But I will be sure to share the final results and what she thought of her coffee table.


Happy 2011!! When dreams till come true =D

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