Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Progress... but there never seems enough time or energy in the day

Putting it all together, taking from other items that are in the house and some GW finds that I still have stored around here... Oh my, all this decorating and re arranging puts me in the mood for Xmas decorating... Are you? =)

I can't find the before, but it was all red dirty brick and when the basement got finished I asked for the top half to be covered w/ floating drywall to I could hang art and have a canvas background. No distractions... Then I primed the fireplace (lots of elbow grease for cleaning and even more paint after priming) then painted it. 

Here she is as of last night... I could no longer wait to make a fire so I went for it. =)

Pssst! I would love to have the courage to Slipcover that tan loveseat white... The plan is before first snow fall. We'll see! =)
The leaning shelf came from the living room upstairs that I found at GW for less the $20... YAY!

I replaced the leaning shelf in the living room w/ some shelvs I of course found at GW for .30cents for all 3.  Jacob was sick and stayed home from school this day.

Then I spotted this awesome desk at a garage sale this summer for $20. She took $15 and it was all mine. It was not in perfect condition, the legs were loose but I used my reliable E6000 since it wouldn't take the screws, put a nice thin coat of Black Restoleum after I lightly sanded her. Before!


Everything is GW finds. Except for the Ikea Lamp and the Target globe that was on sale last xmas for $4.00

Then there's what I'm trying to create, a bar... Man, I need to find bottle hangers for the new shelves. All 3 were $1. at GW. I didn't paint them, because I really like the little dings on it. Really. 


As you can tell I'm still working on it all, but it's coming along. Hopefully by Thanksgiving it'll all be in it's place, plus the base boards.

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