Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Living Room New Touches

I can't express how much I love GW. I have found some great pieces there. I can honestly say that my whole has a touch of not all GW finds.

Hob Lob, World Market and garage sales have also been a source for finding things that are on my wish board.

Hammary entertainment center... she is cherry wood beautiful (weighing a ton) and makes quite the statement plus, it keeps us organized. The MSRP is $2,179.95!!! I found her at the local Goodwill for... are you ready? are you really ready to hear the take home price? =) $20.00. But always ask for a discount... I got her for $18 after I asked for $15. LOL

There ONE ding on it, but I don't mind it. It's unnoticeable, unless you are looking for it.

Here's the icing. I'm still working on some sprinkles =)

PB dome, PB candles, candle holders and one of my apothecary jars.

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