Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Desk

Jacobs been needed a quiet spot in the house where he can study and get homework done everyday. Plan: Find a desk!
This summer has been full of great finds and small projects around the house getting things in order for fall and they holidays. Last week I found this desk while treasure hunting with my mom for $1.00 

I needed the pegs that hold the legs in place, re-glued, sanded down just a bit then I painted the bottom part of the desk first upside down.

I taped a perfect square on the top and added the BLACK chalkboard paint. Man, I put it on thick! I love the raised edges. 

I noticed that the white was showing some grain next to the BLACK. I don't know... the boys didn't notice it, but I did. 

 I was forced to tape over the chalkboard paint (perfectly lined up to the BLACK) to avoid any bleeding. 

All done. Jacobs homework center for the coming school year. 

Psst: I can't stop thinking HOLIDAYS! I've already starting planning and shopping from; what tree to get, went to HOB LOB to find new Christmas decorations since they are on sale. Oh and I ordered some Christmas presents last week and they are hiding in the basement TeeHee
I keep thinking CHRISTMAS!! HELP =D


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Peggy said...

SO cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Peggy! Jacob (my 6 yr old) really liked it. I hope that'll motivate him to get some 1st grade homework done =D
Happy Thursday!

Feral Turtle said...

Sweet little desk. Glad your son likes it. Christmas.....YIKES